Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 55:Finished!

There is so much sad hate on 1995 Fleer products that it makes me love it more than I already had.

Today, meet their rookie insert named NFL Prospects.

The Fleer base product didn't include any rookie cards in it's 400 card set. These were the only way to land a rookie card in the product. It sort of reminds me of Bowman in baseball where they have a prospect set in the product, only difference being that Bowman has rookies in it's base set.

These NFL Prospect cards fall 1:6 packs and feature players that Fleer expected to go high in the 1995 NFL Draft.

For me, it has nothing to do with the players but more to do with the design. This card screams 90's and looks like they could have used these cards in the theme song of Saved By The Bell.

Thanks to Burbank Sportscards Beckett Marketplace  I saved 10% by using code 15Burbank at checkout and was finally able to complete this set after all of these years of chasing.

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