Saturday, October 10, 2015

Epic Trade Mail Day From Project Pedro Part 3: The Giants Touchdown

Part 3 and the finale of my mail day is broken down into four parts with three sub-parts. Yes, four. Today I will kick it off with these Giants and then turn it to Giants player focus tomorrow for parts 3A,3B and 3C to cover all 38+ autograph and memorabilia cards. I will publish all three sub-parts tomorrow so pay attention and don't miss out because there is some really cool stuff.

First up, is my very first YA Tittle memorabilia card. I find actual legend worn material much more exciting than the rookie premier worn items. (you will see this Greg Jones twice but I only got one. It was the only way I could take this picture without a reflection)

 No that isn't Odell, that's Ramses Barden. The guy never turned out as they expected. I was hoping he would had been the next Plaxico with his height but never panned that way.

 Some great autographs here. My second Nicks rookie auto, my second best Contenders auto in Mario Manningham and the Giants future in Moore and Nassib.

To end this part, some sweet swatches especially in the Nicks and Bradshaw. I really like the Andre Brown auto-patch as well. Really wished he could have done a bit more and kept playing.  

This is just the kickoff to the New York Giants portion of this trade. Plenty of greatness to come and no better way to show it off than to show it off on Game Day. 

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