Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Remaining Contestants Of The 2015 World Series Contest

We are down to the final three teams in the MLB World Series run. One team, the NY Mets, have already clinched their way in. The other two teams, the Royals and Bluejays are battling it out to find out who will represent the AL. I am still shocked by the teams that made the playoffs and who might be in the World Series. Honestly, other than Mets fans, who picked the Mets to get in??!!

Well, it seems in this contest that one at least did. Cespedes I won't count since he wasn't a Met from the start.

But here are the only contestants that remain in the running after 46 entered.

OUTSIDE LOOKING IN! Need a Royals win to secure a spot for the prizes.

Alex Gordon

Salvador Perez

IN IT TO WIN IT! Locked in a spot to win! Will announce the rest of the contest rules when the Royals/Blue Jays series ends.

My pick, Yoenis Cespedes

David Wright

Good luck to those that remain in this contest. Make sure you pay attention to the upcoming post on what happens when the World Series starts.

I must also thank the 42 others who entered. This was by far the best turnout I have ever had in a contest.

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