Thursday, August 24, 2017

Artists Proof Rodney

Pinnacle football was the pinnacle in my opinion of football cards when it came to capturing action shots while putting out a solid design. 1996 was no different.

I always was fond of the 1995 and 1996 designs for football of the product and thanks to my buddy over at Jammin JD Sports Cards I was able to add a much needed parallel from 1996.

This Artist Proof was the final parallel I needed to finish off my Pinnacle needs for that product.

The base cards normally have a gold triangle at the bottom, but the parallels turned it silver. This one added the words Artist's Proof in a rainbow foil. Odds on these are tough to judge as they are randomly inserted from what my research showed. But, you have to assume this was the toughest parallel of the group to find.
Another great add to the Hampton PC but there are many more I need.
Follow link HERE to see if you have any Hampton cards you have that I don't that you wanna help donate to the Rodney Hampton Project. Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice! I've always liked Pinnacle and their Artist's Proofs, and I still remember how hard they used to be to come by.

  2. I too enjoyed Pinnacle and their parallels from the 90's... especially the ones featuring their dufex technology.