Thursday, August 31, 2017

Diggin' Some Oddballs

As you saw in Part 1 of my trade with Project Pedro blog, I am really starting to pad a non-sport/oddball PC. I am really aiming for a non-sport celebrity one, but I don't mind adding a few oddballs when I can as well.

Doesn't get any more odd-ballish than rodeo autographs.

What about a Mongoose? These manu-patches out of Goodwin are kinda cool.

I simply just love Ginter. Love the oddballs, the autographs and the relics. Here are some new additions.

(what an awesome relic!)

I am also a fan of Goodwin which is basically Upper Deck's version of Allen And Ginter. I did like Panini's version with Golden Age as well but they since got rid of that product.

Here are some cool Goodwin autographs:

And one "hot" relic! That pun is intended in many ways.
Well there you have another part of my trade with Project Pedro Blog. Now comes the 10-card countdown with my favorite 10 cards from the trade. Stay tuned!

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