Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Another Big One In The Mail Box

Over the years, Shane over at Project Pedro blog and I have become pretty good friends and as you have seen on here, we have also pulled off some pretty big trades.

My recent mail day is another big whopper of one. One that I have taken the time once again to break down into many sections, twelve to be exact. I will spread my mail day out over the course of the next few weeks so be ready to sit down as the Top 2 cards in my countdown are pretty slick.

Today I am kicking it off with some odds and ends in our deal.

Up first, a good handful of Sport Kings cards mainly consisting of non-sport characters and personalities. I am really building up my non-sport PC and Shane is trying to ditch what he had.

If you haven't checked out Project Pedro blog, well, you are missing out. Every Wednesday he does a Cheap Wax Wednesday post with some products that cost under $50. He has pulled some pretty cool stuff and a lot of the breaks are from my favorite era of collecting, the late 90's. He tossed in these cool parallels from Illusions for me. Love the design.

Some more non-sport oddballs, all numbered.

This guy isn't an oddball, he was someone I grew up watching and enjoying when he was on Live with Regis and Kathy Lee (Gifford) in the 90's. They were quite the duo.

Not all cards in this post are non-sport. When he busts his boxes for Cheap Wax Wednesday, being the great guy he is, I get first dibs on all Griffey's he pulls for my PC. Here are some new additions to it.

(need to see how far I am on this set)

Some super sweet new Griffey additions.
This is just the rough beginning of what's to come, so hold on tight, things will get a bit bumpy!

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  1. Those Sport Kings are awesome! Love the design. Off the top of my head, I'd have to say it's my favorite multiple sport product of all-time.