Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Throwing Down The Hammer

My last few trades have been including a lot more non-sports than it used to. That's because my non-sport presence is getting bigger as I just want to scoop up what I can when I can.

A piece of Hollywood for me is just as exciting as a piece of jersey.

My latest trade with @JGFan24ever brought me in a group of fun items.

Up first, some #GiantsPride. I can't wait til football season.

Tim Carter jersey. I thought these always looked nice. I wished Topps Pristine could have hung around longer.

Eli! Pro Bowl swatch too. So it's a double PC item. I like collecting swatches from All-Star events as well.

I spoke of non-sport items in my trade earlier, well, time to show off my latest adds.

These Thor inserts are really cool in-hand. They are printed on thick plastic-glass like material and have a cool spooky design.

Dual relic of Darcy Lewis and Thor. Honestly, I haven't watched the Thor movies but like I said I enjoy cool non-sport relics. I have seen Kat Dennings before however who plays Darcy in other movies and on Two Broke Girls. Yes, I actually watched that show.

Not only is this a relic from the great Anthony Hopkins, but look at that swatch! Spectacular!

A Ryan Stegman auto on a Spider-Man card. Pretty cool. I do think the use of silver ink on this one wasn't the best choice since the web is about the same color. This card is from the Marvel Now product.

This is the authenticity of the card that is separate.
A big thanks goes out to @JGfan24ever for the awesome mail day. Love the Eli Pro Bowl relic and the non-sport adds. I look forward to our next trade!

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  1. Awesome group of cards. I've met Ryan Stegman many times over the years and he has done some awesome commissions for me of Daredevil and Gambit. I'm happy to see him finally getting a lot of regular work with Marvel. The dude can flat out draw his ass off.