Monday, August 28, 2017

REVIEW: 2017 Clearly Authentic Baseball

Every so often, well most of the time, I invite my wife to help me with my reviews and open packs to give her insight as well. I haven't ever posted her thoughts on here before as she is very mixed on a lot of products but I thought since today's is so quick, that I would just put her words on here.

First I will give you a sum-up of the product.
Each box of 2017 Topps Clearly Authentic baseball comes with one card. It's encased in a one-touch, is printed on acetate and is signed  on-card. The design is based off of the 2017 Topps flagship. Boxes cost about $60 per.

There are two kinds of cards to find, Clearly Authentic and the tougher Clearly Authentic Reprint Autograph Cards that fall two per case.

The Clearly Authentic Autographs use the 2017 Topps Baseball base card design on acetate and include veteran and rookie players. They feature new photos as opposed to the flagship ones.

There are parallels to chase as well, 
  • Green Parallel #'d to 99
  • Red Parallel #'d to 50
  • Blue Parallel #'d to 25
  • Gold Parallel  #'d 1/1
The Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs are reprinted Topps Baseball cards from the past on acetate.These also have parallels of Gold Parallel that are #'d 1/1.

So as I said, I let her open up the one card mystery and she did it with her back turned to me. To quickly sum it up, I asked her how it went. She said "it's a cool looking plastic card that signed. I don't know this player and he plays for the Padres. That's probably not good. It is numbered to 50 though."

Well, you guys be the judge on that. Hunter Renfroe red parallel /50


OVERALL, I think this is a fun cool looking product. I do wished there was maybe three cards per pack. I have never been a fan of a one card, one hit product as it's a riskier situation and I am not one to take risks. I feel one base, one insert and then the autograph in a box would be a bit better. I think that would add some more value to it if you happen to hit a lesser player for your $60. Of course have those base and inserts be printed on acetate as well. Who doesn't love acetate?!?!

I told my wife the price of the box and the approximate value of Renfroe and she agreed a few more cards would help.

If you are a high roller and like the risks, there are some big names on the checklist to chase and all of those have parallels so you just don't know who you will hit. Here is the checklist right off from the Topps Website, follow HERE.

A thanks to my wife for giving her insight on this product and please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review as they help provide prizes for me to giveaway. Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well. 


  1. Very cool! I mean, this probably wouldn't be thought of as a great pull, but as a Padres fan, I'd be happy with it.

    1. It's a neat product, and I might think about trying to find a deal on a box at some point, but the name Clearly Authentic is really stupid.

  2. I can't even begin to grasp throwing down $60 for a card that is a mystery until it's opened. ... And I'd be really pissed if I spent $60 and it was a Hunter Renfroe card.

  3. The secondary market is flooded with the lesser names of this product... and the cards are going for $5 in some cases. That's not much of a return on the initial investment. As a Vogelbach collector though it's been fun chasing down the parallels on the cheap!

  4. Thanks to you and your wife and to Topps for the review! I agree, you need more cards in the box to make it somewhat acceptable, but I wouldn't drop the $60 for a single unknown card.

  5. I started seeing these pop up on some of my eBay saved searches and was wondering what this product was. I love the look... but I'd never actually buy a box unless it was on clearance (in the $30 price range). If I were to ever pick up any of these singles, I'd chase specific players I like.

  6. I really like the product but I was thinking the same thing as you and your wife about the boxes. Including a couple of acetate base cards would be a nice addition to a box and would help justify the price.