Thursday, August 17, 2017

At It Again!

@JGfan24ever has done it again. He has filled my mail box with joy.

This time sending a couple of cards I knew about and some surprises as well.

Up first, Eli! I expect a big season out of him and look forward to seeing him in preseason play I assume next week.

Sick! Die Cut Ken Griffey Jr! I need to do an update on the amount of Griffeys I have. It's almost 100 behind.

Cool looking David Wilson patch. I knew this cards was coming all along, all of the others were surprises. I think this was to go along with our last trade.

And to finish it up, a nice new addition to my non sports PC. Leading man of Supernatural.
A big thanks goes out to @JGfan24ever for his generosity as always. I have begun a pile for our next trade. If you are not following him on Twitter, I really suggest you do. I have said this many times.

1 comment:

  1. I have been binge watching the heck out of Supernatural lately. Absolutely love that show! Cool new cards.