Friday, August 11, 2017

Trading With Kids On Recess

Trading had just become a new thing to me, well trading cards that is. We always traded snacks. Whoever was willing to give up their Dunkaroos or Fruit Gushers were the most popular and kings of the classroom. That wasn't me however. I wasn't giving up my frosting to dunk my cookies in for nothing!

However, trading cards was a different story. My friends began taking some of their cards to school to show me what they had. A lot of the kids who collected that year had a product called 1995 Pinnacle Club Collection.

I had just recently picked up some packs of the product myself and brought my showings to the table. Well, the swing set, but you get the point.

The product didn't bring a lot of excitement in terms of inserts as I don't think any of us had pulled one or brought it to the table if we did. What the product did bring was multiple cards of your favorite players and teams and as kids that was the main starting point for us. Not to mention, the pricing was affordable as well.

Here were the options for inserts if we had pulled some, Arms Race fell 1:18 packs, Aerial Assault fell 1:36 packs, Spotlight fell 1:90 packs and Pin Redemption fell 1:24 packs.

The 261 card base set had members of the NFL Quarterback Club and each player had nine cards a piece. The main base cards had full bleed photography with the "Quarterback Club" logo and the player's name listed at the bottom against a gold foil background.  The cards did look nice and the set was full of stars of the 90's like these guys,

There were subsets as well and they had fun themes and good designs.  These counted as apart of the players nine cards and each player had three subsets a piece.


Trading was a lot of fun on recess and I can't count the many times I helped out Cowboy fans with Emmitt and Aikman to get Dave Brown and Phil Simms.

Looking at how their careers ended, it's probably not a move I would make today.

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