Sunday, August 27, 2017

1996:The Year Of Change

1996. It was the year that much changed for me.

I had finally left my cartoon watching childhood behind to give more adult television a chance at the age of 13. Home Improvement, Friends, Nash Bridges, Everybody Loves Raymond, Mad About You (I also had a crush on Helen Hunt at the time so I watched that and Twister that year), The Drew Carey Show(this one came on a bit later and I should have been in bed for school but what my parents didn't know won't hurt them), Cosby, Walker Texas Ranger (watched this with my grandmother), were some of my favorites to name a few. Who can forget the incredible TGIF lineup as well with Family Matters, Boy Meets World and Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

However I wasn't really a big fan of Seinfeld like most around me were. I just didn't think the show was that funny. I guess it had that kinda quirky comedy that only a few can really understand.  To me it was, "no show for you." Yes, I just did partially reference/pun the show as that's the only line I know from it.

My sports watching increased including a game that changed my view of baseball forever and I discovered Monday Night Football! ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!! A MONDAY NIGHT PARTAAAAAAAAYY!

My father had also just gotten a promotion at his job which lead to an increase in salary which also led to an increase in the hobby purchases.

It was also a year I started to expand my collecting. It wasn't just cards anymore, it was the theory of everything was a collectible.

All of this I will cover in 1996 here on The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict. The words Cardboard Addict may also come into play by years end as well.  So sit back and enjoy as I tell the tale of my hobby history.


  1. Back in the mid 90's... it was all about Seinfeld and The Simpsons for me.

  2. Man I remember watching all those shows growing up too. Sadly I also had a crush on Helen Hunt because of Twister.