The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict

Here is every post in the Origins Of A Cardboard Addict. The most popular series on this blog. Go ahead and check them all out! 

Monsters Of The Gridiron 

Good Burger

Closing Time Part 3

Closing Time Part 2

Closing Time Part 1

A Charlie Brown and Ernest Christmas

Merry Christmas!

I Have A Dream

Rescue 911

Back To The Future!


The Great Pumpkin!

Welcome To Skull Dungeon


I Don't Think So Tim

Topps Goes To Camp

Double Vision

I'll Stand By You

Father's Day

Let's Get Dangerous Part 3

Report To The Goof Troop

Missing You Like Candy 

Happy Mother's Day

Mighty Max!

Against All Odds


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Part 5

Cadbury Bunny

I Had A (Pro)Vision Of Love 

Counting Blue Car(d)s

Wave Of The Future!


Chromes Everything I Want

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Part 4

Let's Get Dangerous Part 2

A Goofy Collection



There's No Crying In Baseball!

It's Just A Little (Man) Crush

No Doubt

Note Booking Another Year

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Part 3

Murder She Wrote

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Part 2

Let's Get Dangerous Part 1

Are You Toploader Worthy?

 Mad About You

It's 3am IMust Be Sorting

 Wheel Of Fortune!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Part 1

Ladies And Gentlemen,These Are Cards From '95

Heroes In A Half Shell

The Wonder Years

Remembering What Once Was

Trying To Be A Hot Shot

I Was Stuck On Upper Deck

Wrestling With Acne

Fishing For These

 Its A Mystery!

The First Undefeated Down

Entering A Prism Realm

A Chip Off The Old Block

Sick At Home With Bob In The 90's

Running With The Best In 1997

Baseball Collecting Comes Into Play

1996:The Year Of Change

When I Break Into A Pack Of Ultra, I Get The Sensation....

Upper-DUNK Basketball!

Riding With Flair

Making An Impact In 1995

“It Counts And The Foul"

Wait...Cards Have Value?

Remembering My First


Happy Happy, Joy Joy

The Affordable Topps

Feeling Rich

Appreciation Of Being Action Packed

The Pinnacle Of 1995

It Was The Collectors Choice

I'm Batman!!

Remember When....

Trading With Kids On Recess

Cards In Motion

It's Morphin Time!

Being A Hardwood Leader

Scored From The Beginning

Skyboxed In!

1995:My Hobby Explosion

Humbled Beginnings

Cartoons And Playtime!

My Origins Gave Me Goosebumps

Tales From The Card Show Part 1:The First Time

Tales From The Card Show Part 2:Rivals

Tales From The Card Show Part 3: The Spx Surprise







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